Tools & Proceses

The VMAP Standard has been integrated or will be integrated in the following software. The latest release is version 0.5.2 (15 October 2020). All release versions prior to release 0.4.0 are compatible.

SoftwarePlatform(s)Integration TypeVMAP importVMAP export
4a FIBREMAPIntegratedv 0.5.2v 0.5.2
4a MICROMECIntegrated(under development)(under development)
Integrated (under development)(under development)
ANSYS Mechanical   External Wrapperv 0.5.0v 0.5.0
Autodesk FUSION 360 Platform
Integrated(technical evaluation)(technical evaluation)
Autodesk Moldflow   External Wrapper(under development)v 0.5.0
Beta CAE Ansa   Integrated v 0.4.0v 0.4.0
Beta CAE Epilysis   Integrated (under development)(under development)
Beta CAE Metapost   Integrated(under development)(under development)
Convergent Compro   External Wrapper v 0.5.2v 0.5.2
Convergent Raven   Integratedv 0.5.2 v 0.5.2
DYNAmore Envyo   Integratedv 0.5.2v 0.5.2
ESI Visual Environment   External Wrapperv 0.4.0v 0.4.0
e-Xstream DigimatIntegratedv 0.4.0v 0.4.0
inuTech DiffpackExternal Wrapper
v 0.5.0v 0.5.0
External Wrapper
(under development)(under development)
Magmasoft   Integratedv 0.4.0v 0.4.0
MpCCI Mapper
  Integratedv 0.5.2v 0.5.2
MSC Marc   External Wrapperv 0.5.1v 0.5.1
OOFEM   Integratedv 0.5.2v 0.5.2
OpenFOAMExternal Wrapperv 0.5.2v 0.5.2
Simcon CADMouldIntegratedv 0.5.0v 0.5.0
Simulia Abaqus   External Wrapperv 0.5.2v 0.5.2
  Integratedv 0.4.0v 0.4.0
  Integratedv 0.4.0v 0.4.0
Legend: Existing tool available
  Tool development in progress
  Tool in initial development or technical evaluation stage

Novel simulation processes, previously considered too complex, costly and difficult to maintain have been developed using the VMAP standard for the following applications.

EntityApplication(s)Softwares integratedVMAP version
In SummaHybrid Multiscale modellingMSC-Marc, Mentat
and Digimat.
v 0.5.2
KE-worksKE-chain Multi-Collaborative designMSC-Marc, Moldflow, python and Abaqusv 0.5.2
University of Groningen Sheet metal characterizationundefinedv 0.5.2