An Introduction to the VMAP Standard for CAE Simulation Processes

Date: Wednesday, January 29th, 2020
Time: 11:00am EDT (New York) / 4:00pm GMT (London)

This webinar is arranged via NAFEMS and will explore:

  • what VMAP is
  • why software vendors, simulation analysts, and methods developers should use it
  • the I/O software libraries
  • use cases describing different implementations of the standard
  • the future vision for the standard and the community
  • …and more

Please REGISTER via the NAFEMS website.

VMAP Standards Community face-to-face meeting

23 October 2019
Presenting VMAP Standards release 0.3

The  VMAP Standards Community face-to-face meeting will take place on 23 October 2019 at the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel & Conference Centre.

This meeting was held and a summary can be found on the Community Meeting page.

Event name: VMAP/NAFEMS (booking code: 7550358)
Room: 2025-2026

Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel & Conference Centre
Terminal 1:

From the departure level in area A and C there is an escalator leading to the covered footbridge, which is linked directly to the hotel.
From Terminal 2:
Take the Skyline train, which travels between Terminal 1 and 2. From the departure level in area A and C there is an escalator leading to the covered footbridge, which is linked directly to the hotel.
Airport/Terminal 1, Hugo Eckener Ring 15, Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt, 60549 Germany

There is no fee to pay for the meeting but registration is required for organizational and catering purposes (see bottom of page).

The focus for the meeting will be to discuss all software aspects and user requirements for implementing the VMAP standards, using or not the IO libraries provided by VMAP.

The Agenda (downloadable here).

Draft Agenda

VMAP hosts: Klaus Wolf, Priyanka Gulati and Gino Duffett

10:00 Welcome

10:10 VMAP Standards release 0.3
    Technical overview of the current release
    IO library and tests to aid implementation
    Implementation methodologies

11:00 Coffee

11:15 VMAP Software implementation
    Discussions on implementations, requirements, etc.
    including presentations by:
    · DYNAmore (implementation)
    · BETA-CAE (implementation)
    · ESI (implementation)
    · Transvalor (experiences and requirements)
    Other contributors: ANSYS, Dassault Systemes, DCS,
    ESTECO, Granta, SIEMENS, SIGMA, Simcon, Volume Graphics.

12:30 Lunch

13:30 VMAP Software implementation, continued…
    Discussions on implementations, requirements, etc.
    including presentations by:
    · Bosch (Additive Manufacturing use case)
    · KIT+AUDI (Automotive composite use case)

14:30 VMAP Standards Community
    Discussions on creation including presentation by:
    · FMI/Modelica (experiences on building a community)

15:00 Coffee

15:15 VMAP Collaboration
    Intention and future of the VMAP Standard.
    Discussions on implementations, requirements, etc.
    including presentations by:
    · EMMC (community experiences, collaboration possibilities)
    · ProSTEP (standards creation, collaboration possibilities

15:50 Next Steps
    Member confirmation, logos on the webpage
    Meetings, web and face-to-face
    Conference, 13-14 May 2020

16:00 Farewell



VMAP is collaborating to arrange a symposium at the NAFEMS World Congress 2019, Quebec City, Canada on 17-20th June 2019.

This sympsoium aims to discuss interoperable issues, standards, methods and software tools related to virtual material data transfer in CAE via the following defined conference sessions:

  • L5 VMAP Interoperability 1:  presentations by persons working in the field, other standards groups, materials groups.
  • L6 VMAP Interoperability 2: presentations on the implementation of the VMAP concepts and software tools.
  • M7 VMAP – Interoperability 3: presentations showing various case studies demonstrating the pilot VMAP concepts.
  • WS M VMAP Open Discussion: an open discussion session with general presentations on the VMAP project and brief seeding presentations to start the discussion.


Interface Standards discussion sessions

Discussion sessions are planned to be held at all NAFEMS Regional Conference in 2018.

These will be open to everybody and will be held at a suitable venue during the conference.

To find out more, keep an eye on NAFEMS Regional Conferences’ website:


Additionally, VMAP will have a presence at the following industry events:

VMAP Project kick-off meeting

Work on the VMAP project (A New Interface Standard for Integrated Virtual Material Modeling in Manufacturing Industry) got underway with a kick-off meeting at Schloss Birlinghoven on October, 24th and 25th, 2017. The aim of the research and development work is to define and establish software standards in virtual engineering workflows for the manufacturing industry. Currently, incompatible interfaces for the transfer of virtual material information require extensive manual adjustments. This causes loss of information and delays in the entire design process.

VMAP projects meeting participants
VMAP project meeting participants

“We want to enhance simulation tools that have been incompatible with each other in terms of material parameters. In this way, it will be much easier to exchange relevant physical material sizes,” explained project coordinator Klaus Wolf (Head of the Business Area Multiphysics at Fraunhofer SCAI). The project, therefore, aims for an open standardization of material interfaces.

All partners from Belgium, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland attended and started planning the work to be done so that virtual product design will profit from the progress made in the project with new market opportunities opening up for software vendors and IT service providers through simplified software integration.