VMAP is a vendor-neutral standard for CAE data storage to enhance interoperability in virtual engineering workflows


  • Strong community including the VMAP project plus many new partners including industry, software companies and vendors, experts from academia, etc.
  • Meta and user data
  • Geometry and discretization
  • Coordinate and unit systems
  • Result and state variables
  • Parameters for (material) models
  • Based on HDF5 (High-performance data management and storage suite)
  • Software library available to read/write VMAP data files
  • Tutorials and test cases

Addressing the Challenge

The lack of software standards in virtual engineering workflows and incompatible interfaces for the transfer of virtual data not only cause additional costs and complex manual adaptation but also lead to inflexible IT solutions, loss of information and significant delays in the overall design process. The standardisation of material and data interfaces in CAE is therefore vital for all industry segments where simulation processes are central to the product and process design.

Industrial Use Cases will show the need and benefits of a standardised Material Exchange Interface.